Truk Lagoon

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Use of rebreathers was limited to the liveaboards, although now both land based operators are supporting CCR users. You will need to ship your own sofnalime out and ensure they have enough pressure of O2 for your trip and 3ltr tanks for hire. DHL have an office on Truk.
Shown above is the Blue Lagoon operation.
Sodasorb is available from Jim at GMI Wholesale  [email protected]  Jim is based in Guam and can send out tubs of sodasorb to Truk very fast and at reasonable cost. If you try to send out sofnalime/sodasorb from home the cost will be very high and more inportantly is unlikeley to arrive for months if at all!
A few of us are taking our rebreathers this year (2011) and I will report back how we got on.

I have been a bit lax in getting back on our 2011 trip with rebreathers, which was very successful, we are back out with our rebreathers in a few weeks (Feb 2013); and I will report here after we get back.
I have been out again in 2014 with 8 rebreather divers, and the bottom line is if you have a rebreather take it, also remember your insurance usually covers you only to your qualified depth.