Truk Lagoon

Amagisan Profile
Another of my favorite wrecks, deep enough for little coral growth. Built 1933, sunk by bomb and torpedo hits, large hole in foreward hold from torpedo hit. Nice bow gun, holds have aircraft spares, bikes trucks and fuel drums.Completeley intact funnel, very photogenic wreck. Stern very deep but it is possible to enter wreck at stern and come out on bridge. Tonnage  7,620 ts
Max depth 70m (estimated)
My max depth  51m
Lying on side,450 list to port

Carol's notes
Saturday 21st Aug
Max depth: 52.9m     Total dive time: 73min    My rating: ***
Deco: 4min@9m, 7min@6m, 24min@3m, +10min safety
Lying on port side. Nick was keen to show us the hold with bikes & cars in,
I saw 2 bikes and half a car. Bow gun and anchor were rather nice. Wandered
in on my own at 43m and emerged at 52.9m. Ooops! Very relaxed deco stop,
nearly fell asleep.