Truk Lagoon

Nippo profile
Nippo Maru
An interesting wreck, sunk by 3 bomb hits. Deck cargo of possibly captured American guns. Holds very interesting , full off shells, mines, fuel drums, crates of bottles and other items. Tank on port deck. Water transportation tanks in forward hold. Shoals of glass fish making photography awkward, the only way to take pictures through them was to disperse them by flashing your torch beam at them and quickly take your picture before they reformed.
Tonnage  3,763 ts
Max depth  44m
My max depth 43m
Lies upright with a list to port

Carol’s notes
Max depth: 43.2m    Total dive time: 55min    My rating: ***
First dive - bowled over by the viz! Ship on a slant. Saw telegraph through
bridge. A few jellyfish to avoid. 3 anti aircraft guns on deck and lots of
saki bottles (empty).