Truk Lagoon

Sankisan profile
Sankisan Maru
A medium sized freighter built 1920, captured by Japanese 1942. Sunk by bomb hit in aft hold, which eventually ignited stored ordnance, resulting in bridge to stern destruction. The forward part of ship is well preserved. Holds contain zero engines, bullets, medicine bottles (not that many bullets left and few bottles) and assorted spare parts. Remains of lorries on deck. The masts go almost to the surface and are covered in pretty coral and fish.
284 depth charges were removed from this wreck to make it safe for divers
Tonnage  4,776 ts
Max depth 46m
My max depth  29m
Rests upright

Carol’s notes
Max depth: 25.7m    Total dive time: 53min     my rating: **
Very pretty, lots of coral, lots of bullets, lots of fish, lots of coral, lots more coral...... how blasé can you get! It was great really.