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Unkei Maru

The Unkai Maru was built in an English shipyard in 1905 before being sold to the Japanese navy in 1911. She survived multiple attacks before succumbing to the bomb and torpedo damage. No 1 hold is a bit murky and very yellow; it contains gasmasks, shoe soles, burnt paper and lots of bits. Ships lanterns located below bow gun, seabed banks up beside bow. Funnel lies on its side. Bridge badly damaged. A very photogenic but murky wreck.  Tonnage  3,188 ts
Max depth 40m
My max depth 37m
Lies upright

Carol’s notes
Friday 27th Aug
Max depth: 37.1m    Total dive time: 70min Deco: 4mi@6m, 20min@3m, +5min safety
One hold contained gas masks and remains of shoes, lots of them and very big ones! I though the Japanese were little people? Forward to bow gun, then along to stern via side passageways. Swam off the stern for a bit of agoraphobia and shark hunting again. Though I saw a ray but it was a large flat fish swimming on its side. Very nice decks and rails and ladders and things.