Truk Lagoon

Rio profile
Rio-de-Janeiro Maru
This was a combined passenger cargo liner that was converted to a submarine tender and depot ship before being re-classified as a transport and based in Truk. She sank due to a bomb hit on the first day of the attack. Ask guide to take you on tour of insides and huge engine room. Bow shows evidence of internal explosions from stored ordnance. Old 6” guns from scrapped cruisers in hold, probably destined to coastal battery. Crates of beer bottles in hold. Very large props and rudder. 
Tonnage  9,627 ts
Max depth  38m
My max depth 32m
Lies upright with fair list to port 

Carol’s notes
Max depth: 33.3m    Total dive time: 54min Deco: 5min@3m +3min safety
Very big, bit smaller than Heian and very similar. Lots of empty saki bottles, no wonder they sank. Nick led Pete & Malc through a passageway off hold, but by the time I got there they had disappeared. It was tempting to try and follow, but it was pitch black, a bit kicked up and there was a choice of ways to go, so I reluctantly backed out and joined Jo. Big engine room and lots of big fish (not the shark variety though).