Truk Lagoon

I169 profile

Diving I169 is far more interesting than I expected and you get a perspective of the size of this large submarine. At this stage of the war it had been converted to a troop and supply carrier. The reason for sinking was an error in not closing the main induction valve, as the raid lasted 3 days the I169 did not have enough power to float herself; many efforts after the raid were unsuccessful in bringing her to the surface. When there were no chances of any survivors the conning tower was blown up to stop any sensitive equipment getting in to enemy hands. After the wreck was found in 1973 divers entered the wreck to remove all bones for a Shinto Funeral. This is well worth diving as an afternoon dive, be prepared to fend off masses of jelly fish, a squirt from a reg works quite well. Gross Tonnage 1,785 ts
Range 14,000 miles
Max depth 38m
My max depth 36m (to give an idea what can be seen from this depth)