Truk Lagoon

Gosei Profile
This is a fairly small coastal freighter, sunk by single torpedo hit, hole easy to see from inside hold, which have torpedo bodies, some of which high pressure flasks are blowing intermittently. She has a good engine room worth visiting, this wreck starts so shallow that some of it can be snorkelled. There are a lot of fish on here and on one dive we saw a couple of sharks.
 Tonnage 1,931 ts
Max depth  34m
My max depth  6m-34m
Lies on her port side on a slope 
Carol's notes
Max depth: 33.7m     Total dive time: 54min     My rating: ****
Deco: none, ended up on prop.
Lying on port side on a slope, bow down. Headed straight for bow first and saw a turtle coming out of hold. Lots of big torpedoes in hold. Wandered around a bit inside and saw bathrooms and other rooms. Stern, rudder and prop are at about 6/7m depth so great view from surface.