Truk Lagoon

SanFran profile
San Francisco Maru
This is one of my favorite wrecks. Built in 1919 Deep enough for not too much coral growth. Holds full of mines, torpedoes and a couple of staff cars. The most amazing site is the tanks on deck. A deep wreck so opt for the forward half of the ship first, the stern is well worth another dive. Sunk by a bomb hit behind bridge.
 Tonnage  5,831 ts
Max depth 60m
My max depth  55m
Rests on an even keel 

Carol's notes
Friday 20th Aug
Max depth: 51.9m     Total dive time: 77min      my rating: ****
Deco: 4min@9m, 8min@6m, 24min@3m, + 14min safety
Brill! Herds of jellies on the way down. 3 small Japanese tanks on the deck, trucks and staff car down hold. Malc should have a few snaps of me driving the car! Mines and ammo shells in other holds. Needed more time down there! Tuesday 24th Aug
Max depth: 57.4m     Total dive time: 78min     my rating: ****
Deco: 4min@9m, 8min@6m, 25min@3m, +10min safety Second dive on this, to the rarely visited end. First few holds contained lots of bullets and BIG torpedoes. Sundance dive boat dropped divers in to bow end, down, up & away before we surfaced. These single tanks guys! Had a yawning fit on the deco stop. Ever tried it? You can’t quite open your mouth wide enough without risking drowning.