Truk Lagoon

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Shinkoku Maru
This ship was built as a commercial tanker, but converted to fleet oiler (able to refuel ships at sea) in 1941. This is one of the best and prettiest wrecks in Truk, the coral on the masts go nearly to the surface, making this one of the best deco stops anywhere. The bridge and engine room are very interesting. This is an ideal wreck for a night dive when you can see the coral in its full glory. She was sunk by a single torpedo to the engine room. 
Tonnage 10,020 ts
Max depth  38m
My max depth  30m  (to give an idea what can be seen from this depth).
Rests on an even keel

 Carol's notes
Max depth: 28.6m     Total dive time: 52 mins     my rating: ***
Deco: 5 mins safety
Very pretty, very corally. Saw an anemone that looked like a large pumpkin. Saw a magic porthole, light coming in to it but no sign of it on the outside(!?). Very light towards end of dive. Had to keep finning pointing downwards. Ascended shot line awkwardly then spent 5 mins upside down on a weighted line from the boat for safety stop. I must have had 2 very light cylinders. More weight tomorrow