Truk Lagoon

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Hoki Maru
This ship was built in Scotland in 1921, and owned by British and New Zealand companies before captured by the Japanese. A bomb hit to the forward hold ignited the cargo of aviation fuel drums which caused the extensive damage (completeley blown away from bridge forward) that sunk the ship.fuel still seeps from the remaining drums, and when disturbed in the holds rises to the surface. I got fuel on my face after friends bubbles below disturbed it, sun tan cream seemed to neutralise it when back on the boat. The rear holds seem to be full of construction equipment.
Tonnage  7,112 ts
Max depth  48m
My max depth  42m
Rests on an even keel

 Carol's notes
Wednesday 18th Aug
Max depth: 41.8m    Total dive time: 50min    My rating: ***
Ship upright. Down in hold, saw trucks, cars, bulldozer. My cylinders started slipping off my BC down the hold so ascended rather carefully and found Nick to reattach them for me. Stayed clear of 2nd hold as caustic substances have been reported at that end.