Truk Lagoon

Heian profile
Heian Maru
A very large passenger and cargo liner converted to submarine tender. Name readable on bow. Spare periscopes stored in starboard walkway. First time I dived this thought there was not much to see, but subsequent dives proved otherwise. Check out the holds, engine room and bridge. Ask guide to take you through wreck. Sunk by a combination of bomb hits and torpedoes. This can be a murky wreck. 
Tonnage  11,616 ts
max depth  34m
My max depth  29m
Lies on port side

 Carol’s notes
Max depth: 27.6m    Total dive time: 52min      my rating: ***
A submarine depot ship, the biggest wreck in the lagoon. The holds contained torpedoes in various states of repair/readiness. We all ventured inside to see crockery and the engine room. Lying on it’s side, the name is clearly visible on the bow. No cameras on this dive except Jo’s point & click.