Truk Lagoon

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Aikoku Maru
Combined freighter-passenger liner, all of fore ship vaporised in huge explosion caused by bomb hit on stored ammunition, attacking plane lost in same explosion. No survivors on board, exact casualty numbers unknown but could be as high as 400 due to soldiers that had been on board. The front remains of the ship provide an extraordinary view, as if the fore ship had been cut away with a blunt knife. As an armed merchant cruiser this had a formidable armament of eight 5.5 inch deck guns, four torpedo tubes, and light AA guns. The ship was also fitted to carry 2 reconnaissance float planes.


Tonnage 10,438 ts Max depth (estimated) 73m My max depth 54m (to give an idea what can be seen from this depth)


Carol's notes
Monday 23rd Aug AIKOKU MARU Max depth 54.6m Total dive time: 64min my rating: ***Deco: 3min@9m, 8min@6m, 24min@3m, +5min safety This is one tough wreck. The bow was blown away thanks to a plane bombing it direct in the ammo hold, and consequently taking the plane down with it. How's that for revenge! Went stern to see gun, started back under side gangway on port side but came up after hearing shouts from the photographers, my modeling skills were needed up top. A small slightly damaged fish kept buzzing us on the deco line as if it were trying to tell us something. Sure enough a while later a shark appeared below us. Damn fish was leading it to us! Hire torch worked okay, apart from being very buoyant. It kept bouncing up and hitting me in the face when I let go off it. At least I didn't flood it. Bit light on deco stop again. More weight!