Truk Lagoon

Momokawa profile
Momokawa Maru
Medium sized 5 hold freighter,very sturdily built, designed to work in Siberian ice fields. Sunk by bomb hits behind bridge. Very interesting holds with Betty Bomber parts, trucks, fuel drums, ammnunition, engines etc. Nice bridge and telegraph. Heavy duty king posts capable of lifting 40 tonnes. Armed with 3 artillery guns.
Tonnage  3,829 ts
Max depth  49m
My max depth 45m
Resting with a heavy list to port

 Carol's notes
Thursday 26th Aug
Max depth: 48.4m     Total dive time: 68min Deco: 1min@9m, 7min@6m, 21min@3m, +5min safety
Lying on it’s side. Holds contained bits of planes, trucks, shells etc. I followed Nick inside, through various passageways and emerged on the inside of the bridge. Totally disorientating, the telegraph and binnacle were still in place, sticking out of the side wall! Swimming out through the bridge windows, turning sideways to do so. Had to keep checking which way was up by looking where my exhaust bubbles were going! Interesting deco stop. The buoy on the permanent shot was about 8m underwater and the boat was hooked around that. It was a very windy day, and while on the 3m stop (about 5m down) with 15min still to go, hanging off a couple of weighted lines and a spare cylinder hanging off the boat, the boat broke loose of the buoy and started floating away, with us gently rising to the surface. Luckily Doone realised quickly and threw in the anchor to stop the boat and we continued our stops.