Truk Lagoon

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Yamagiri Maru
A large 6 hold freighter that was sunk by one massive bomb hit in forward hold 3, resulting in a huge hole in hull. This wreck was visible from the surface; it is known for the 18-inch shells in its holds that now lie in a jumble, the remains of a steamroller are also in hold. There is lots of growth on props and rudder, can get murky towards seabed.
Tonnage  6,438 ts
Max depth 34m
My max depth 28m
Rests on port side
Carol’s notes
Max depth: 30.5m    Total dive time: 41min     my rating: ***  Deco: 3min@3m + 5min safety
Don’t believe it! Flooded my new torch! This is the new one to replace the one I flooded three weeks ago in Plymouth. Felt the battery explode inside. Tied it to shot. Lying on port side. Went in hold, full of large ammo shells, saw a large hole leading to another hold, it got smaller as I approached it, but managed to squeeze through! Saw engine room, large prop at ~ 25m. Went up a bit before others to sort out torch. Rinsed it out, shook out the casing and threw the ‘o’ ring into the water. I jumped in with just my swimming costume and a mask, couldn’t get it, hung onto ladder with my arm while I was watching for it and got a massive bruise, Nick saw it float by and rescued it for me. What a day. The dive might have got a better rating if certain things hadn’t happened!  Well, the first five days diving over, we need a bit of time to de-fizz, so a day off on Sunday