Truk Lagoon

Oite profile

This Destroyer is a very difficult wreck to find due to the lack of landmarks as it is almost at the reef. The Oite was on course for Guam with a Cruiser when they were attacked on route and the Cruiser was sunk, Oite took on board 400 survivors and then received a radio message to return to Truk (after the air raid had started). After entering the lagoon the Oite was strafed by fighters causing many casualties, then was attacked by Avengers with torpedoes, one hit just aft of the bridge and the destroyer broke in two and sunk quickly.
Both parts of the ship lie close together, the forward part is upside down but the aft is upright, it is a very narrow ship, there is a small shrine on the wreck. Many sharks were in this area. Gross tonnage 3,000 ts   estimated
Max depth 60m
My max depth 55m (to give an idea what can be seen from this depth)