Truk Lagoon

kyosumi profile
Kyosumi Maru
This is a large 6 hold freighter converted to an armed merchant raider,  fitted with eight 14 or 15cm guns cannibalised from old cruisers (now with out guns). She also carried 2 twin torpedo tubes and AA guns. The Kiyozumi was in Truk undergoing repairs after a submarine attack. She was sunk by multiple bomb hits. The ship lies on its port side, it can be a murky dive 
Tonnage  6,983 ts
Max depth  31m
My max depth 26m  (to give an idea what can be seen at this depth)

 Carol’s notes
Max depth: 31.4m    Total dive time: 42min   My rating: **
Bit murkier than this morning, still pretty damn good though! Hundreds off jellies to dodge through on descent. Ship lying on port side. Saw what looked like a large paddle-steamer paddle, but obviously wasn’t, we’re not in the Mississippi after all.