Truk Lagoon

Fumizuki profile
An old design Destroyer, built in 1925, very fast, capable of 33.5 knots fully loaded. In truk for temporary repairs. Note the railroad tracks for the old reload torpedo carriages, later updated to long lance torpedoes. Unknown reason for sinking, disabled by delayed action bomb exploding beneath her.Tonnage   1772 ts
Max depth  38m
My max depth  38m (to give an idea what can be seen from this depth)
Resting on upright keel

Carol's notes
Thursday 19th Aug
Max depth: 36.1m     Total dive time: 62min     My rating: ****
Deco: ~23mins total
Amazing view on descent. I’m not known for my vocals underwater but I really
couldn’t help a few loud exclamations here. Nick called us over to see a
sting ray, but I was too late. At the time I was quietly enjoying a swim
down the side of the decks, past the torpedo launcher + tracks, through
passageways etc. When I looked back it was like the paparazzi following me,
Pete and Malcolm with their cameras and flash guns. Saw a herd(?) of
barracuda. A bit planktony on ascent.