Truk Lagoon

Fujikawa profile
This is THE wreck of truk, a large 6 hold freighter full of interesting things and a max depth of 35m going up to 15m. The engine room with machine shop is well worth a visit. Holds with Zero parts including fusalage and engines. You can swim through wreck and out through torpedo hole.Tonnage  6,938 ts
Max depth  35m
My max depth  35m
Lies upright on an even keel

Carol's notes
Max depth: 29.4m    Total dive time: 56min    My rating: ****
Superb dive. Followed Pete inside, through to engine room. Machine room had
been dredged up be previous horde of divers. Parts of planes were visible in
one hold. The decks were fantastic, all railings and ladders were intact, it
was quite surreal ‘flying’ along the ‘Bounty’ like decks and swooping up
Max depth: 26.3     Total dive time: 54min     My rating: ****
A day of repeat dives, it was great again! Went up bow to get booed again.
Off the end, turn away from wreck a search for sharks! Slightly agoraphobic
feelings start! Good look around plane parts hold. Definitely one of my
favourites this, a big underwater playground!